Original Wyanett Church

                                             A Short History of Wyanett Evangelical Free Church
    On March 19, 1894 the Swedish Evangelical Free Society of Wyanett Town-ship was incorporated as a church. It was called the Swedish Evangelical Free Society of Wyanett and the foundation statement made by the church at time was: "The meeting house shall be open for all preachers and evangelists who work for the Lord, to the edification of the people of God, and to the salvation of sinners."
    On February 21, 1982 the congregation decided to build a new church to accomodate the increased attendance. On October 5, 1985 the congregation gave the approval to begin building the new church and a plan from Miller Construction for 9900 sq. ft. was accepted and approved. On November 2, 1986 the new church was dedicated for the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. On March 19, 1994 Wyanett Evangelical Free Church celebrated its 100th Anniversary. Highlighting the celebration was the giving of honor and praise to God for the grace that enabled Wyanett E. Free to maintain the Gospel Light for the past 100 years and to maintain that light untio the day of the coming of the Lord The congregation was not celebrating a pastor, person or a church building, but rather the Lord Jesus Christ.
   Wyanett E. Free has served this community faithfully for 119 years, providing a church home to friends and families where they can enjoy Christian fellowship and the preaching and teaching of God's Word. Wyanett Evangelical Free Church has been faithful to its calling through out the years standing firm on the Word of God and by the grace of God will continue to do so. Since its beginning 134 pastors and interns including our current pastor, Rev. Bruce Talso have faithfully preached and taught the Word of God. We thank God for these faithful servants.
    Our theme or guiding principle is; "Holding Forth the Word of Life..." Philippians 2:16 (NKJV)
Wyanett's First Church 1894
Short History of Wyanett E.Free
Original Wyanett Church 1984