Other Ministries We Support
Rum River Life Choices
Rum River Life Choices is a Christ-centered pro-life ministry committed to upholding the sanctiy of human life by reaching our with truth and love to persons with need related to sexuality, pregnancy, parenting, and post-abortion trauma. The center provides material need, emotional support, counseling and spiritual support while proclaiming the Gospel. All services are free and confidential. In May of last year Wyanett E. Free organized a Diaper Drive collected 923 diapers! They also have a need for volunteers and if this is a ministry for you, contact Wyanett E. Free Church.
Princeton Pantry

The Princeton Pantry organizes food drives and  acts as a clearinghouse for cash donations and distributes these donations to people of the Princeton area.

We Also Support

Gary & Faith Fry (Heal Our Land Ministries)
Camp Shamineau
Camp JIM
East Central Young Life
ICLD (International Christian Literature Distributors) MN
The International Christian Literature Distributors (ICLD) is a Christian organization spreading Gospel literature to the world. They have been sending material around the world for 40 years, free of charge and only to those who request it. Basically, ICLD recycles used materials from individuals, churches and Christian organizations.
This organization is totally run by volunteers who read, sort, package and ship used biblical material to pastors, missionaries, schools, and whoever has a need. Their mailing list exceeds 5000 addesses in over 50 countries where this type of material is not available or too costly to purchase.
Other Ministries